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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Note paper template for organizational binder

I created a "Notes" template for my organizational binder.  Link below...

Recipe card for organizational binder

This is a recipe card I created for my organizational binder.  I am going to write some of our go to recipes and recipes that I want to try and add them into my household binder.  Once again it is a google document.  Link for the google doc is below :D

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week by week planner for your home organizational binder

 I also like to have a week by week planner in my binder, where I can get a little more specific about certain appointments, plans and reminders. Pick out and customize your own weekly planner pageshere! <----Once again, you can pick out your own style of weekly planner pages, download and print, you can even customize them. I will include a picture below of the one I like.

This is just a screen capture but you get the idea. I like the more simple, straight forward style planners and this one is perfect.

A month by month calendar for your home organizational binder

Awesome site for printable calendars <----this site has a ton of calendars you can print, a lot of styles to choose from.  I chose a simple one that listed the holidays for each month and a space off to the side for notes.  I will include a picture below.  I use a three hole punch to punch holes in the papers and I put them in my binder.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chore Chart

I'm back!  I was MIA for a while, my life has been pretty hectic but now that things are starting to slow down, I am back and have sooooo much to blog about!  During my hiatus I realized I am in need of some serious organization, I have been creating charts and tons of other organizational documents that I am going to be putting in an organizational binder for my household.  The first chart I want to share with you all, is my 9 year old daughter's chore chart.  I made it in google documents, so you can edit it, color code it, add to it any way you'd like.
Chore Chart <------- Go here for the chore chart

Here is a screen capture of the chart

You will notice beside each chore is a monetary value, each day that she does that specific chore, she earns that dollar amount.  At the end the of the week we add up each check mark's dollar amount and that is the allowance she gets for that week.  She doesn't have to do all of these chores each day, I go through and highlight the ones she MUST complete each day (like picking up her room)...If she chooses to go above and beyond and do extra chores, she is then rewarded for that.